autococker and tippmann A5! you know you want to look...

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autococker and tippmann A5! you know you want to look...

Post by kevan on Sun Feb 02, 2014 11:35 am

1) 689 freak insert $7

Old school cocker reg $10

2k delrin bolt $10

2k Autococker with barrel $65 the trigger frame is plastic and is cracking on the bottom, was timed last I shot it. would make a great pump if you got a nice CCM kit

Freak jr barrel only. 14" cocker threads $35

Tippmann A5 with an Egrip, flatline (railed) barrel, 16 inch barrel, stock barrel, 21 inch barrel, original Mech trigger frame, collapsable stock, and an upgraded bolt. Thing shoots nice, accurate and not heavy at all. Perfect for a woodsballer or just to shoot targets. Getting back into speedball and have 2 A5's so i dont need this one anymore, looking for $250 (upgrades are barely used and add up to more then asking price thats not including the marker) or will trade for an Autococker, invert, shocker, planet eclipse goodies, or good quality pumps. have interests in subs and car audio as well with amp, and firearms. (posted for my brother)

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