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Post by T.E.C. Paintballer on Sat Jul 18, 2009 4:55 pm

I have a pair of older JT Team pants. Not sure what year exactly, they do not have the big JT stitched into the knees so 05 perhaps? OG anyhow 👅
Comfort: 10/10 Amazingly comfy, like pajama pants.
Padding: 9/10 Excedingly good knee pads, and they are pretty thick all over no skimpy areas plus some extra @$$ padding, ideally some hip padding would be nice, but it's not a perfect world.
Breathability: 8/10 Kept me warm during winter games with just them and underarmour, I thought that meant they would be hot in the summer but they weren't. On the back of the legs there are four inch slits that you can zip and unzip depending on the temp. pretty much ingenious. I couldn't go higher on breathability because there isn't much for legit "vents".
Durability: 9/10 Very rugged thus far, couldn't give them a perfect ten though because the previous owner did manage to tear one belt loop Rolling Eyes
Quirks: Knee pads seem a bit low, that could def. just be a height thing though.

Overall: 9/10 For thirty bucks I dare you to show me a nicer pair of pants, especially since you'd be hard pressed to find a nicer pair for $100! afro
T.E.C. Paintballer
T.E.C. Paintballer

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JT Team Pants Empty Re: JT Team Pants

Post by Justin on Sat Jul 18, 2009 6:17 pm

Solid review. I got to hand out the thumbs up on the knee pads, they are extremely nice.

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