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Post by Corey on Sat Nov 21, 2009 12:36 pm


The JT ProFlex is a great mask. I've only used it for one game (F51 Christmas Wrap-up), but they were amazing. Other masks I've worn are just various JT and Tippmann masks, so the Flex was a nice step up.

JT ProFlex Myflex004-1
This is my ProFlex... Feel free not to buy the same pair.

  • Great visibility. I had the thermal lens, so I didn't fog up at all. There is a wide range of view.
  • Comfort. These are the most comfortable masks I have worn. I was barely even aware that I had a mask on. I have heard that you can get a pair with bad foam, which are not comfortable at all.
  • Sound. I could hear others and people could hear me.
  • Customizable. These things are so customizable, it's awesome.
  • Badass. They make you look like a BAMF.

  • Protection. The soft ears just don't seem protective enough for my taste. I kept finding my earlobe exposed, and that left me a little worried.
  • Fit. I don't know if it's just my head, but I felt that I needed to tighten the strap quite a bit so I felt like my mask wasn't going to slip. It didn't slip the whole 4 hours of play, it just felt like it was going to.
  • Cleaning. These things are a pain in the a** to take apart.

The ProFlex is a great mask that I would recommend to anyone. The only con that I think is a big deal is the fact that they are extremely hard to take apart.

Overall, I give the ProFlex an 8.5/10

If you get them, I suggest you get them here. They have them for $44.95 which is super cheap.


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JT ProFlex Empty Re: JT ProFlex

Post by zimmjeff on Sat Nov 21, 2009 4:22 pm

the ear pieces do a pretty good job of protection. i've taken one directly in the ear while bunkering someone and it did not hurt.

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