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Post by Tyler on Sat Oct 17, 2009 11:29 pm

so my little brothers friend just bought a vibe off pbgateway

i shot it and lets just say i was pleasently supprised.

The gun itself is a great deal at 150 not to mention he got a gun,tank,torq, and mask for 230.

-clamping feedneack

-plastic (but what do you expect its a 150 dollar gun)
- Bord max's out at 11bps
-no eyes
- bad stock bbl.

I shoot about a case through this gun and so far im impressed. this gun is better than the ion hands down. for the price it is a great gun for the beging player. If you are a qoute on quote budget baller this gun may just be for you. Its not a timmy and its not a ego but it is a good little gun.
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