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Titanium Longbow Empty Titanium Longbow

Post by elegit24 on Wed Jan 22, 2014 1:08 pm

Selling Ti Longbow, cocker threaded.

I have a titanium Longbow barrel system for paintball.

The barrel is in near mint condition.

This barrel system has been out of production for years, and is micro honed. Barrel shoots clean through breaks and is mirrored inside.
Backs are titanium and tips are aluminum.

3 backs with different bore sizes and two different length tips.

comes with 2 dye backs, 1 ss, 1 alum (black), a proto tip (black), and a carbon fiber barrel with ss back...all cocker threads.

also have an 02 proto matrix. should run mint, hasnt had air to it for a while. just lubed everything a couple months ago with slick lube. mostly stock with adjusted trigger pull. (separate price, make an offer.)

asking BRO

Email for pictures: Andy_b_83 at yahoo

Thanks for looking,
Big Sexxxy


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