Attention Standish Area Paintballers!

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Attention Standish Area Paintballers! Empty Attention Standish Area Paintballers!

Post by deadseid on Wed Jul 06, 2011 4:13 pm

Hi there. My name is Benjamin Lynch. I live on a large expanse of land near the Steep Falls wildlife management area. It's been a lifelong desire of mine to get into paintball, but my close friends just aren't interested in the sport. Well, since I never give up, late in the season last year I decided to start a very casual, regional league to try and bring players and lovers of the game to me.

I call it the Backwoods Paintball League,or BPL for short. We are organized via a facebook group, which can be found here: It is a modest home for the league, but if membership increases, I will get a domain. Our focus is primarily woodsball, utilizing the massive field behind my lot and the wooded wildlife management area behind that, but i hope to build a speedball course one day as well.

The purpose of starting this topic, along with introducing myself, is to encourage anyone living in Standish, Steep Falls, Limington, Buxton, Hollis, Gorham, windham, or the surrounding areas to visit the BPL facebook group page. It is an open group, and anyone may join. Members get to stay informed of all the events I host on my property.

Due to our relatively small roster, we do mainly scenario games, but a major goal is to get enough members to do a large capture the flag game. We have free CO2 fills on site, free loaner markers for ill equipped members, and Rogue Paintball is 15 minutes away if you need other supplies. We charge no course fees, mambership charges, or league dues. On top of that, I value safety above all else, and strive to create a fun, safe environment for all ages to enjoy. Please join the league today and help me achieve my dream of enjoying the game I've always loved but can never play.


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Attention Standish Area Paintballers! Empty Re: Attention Standish Area Paintballers!

Post by XxJellyFilledxX on Wed Oct 12, 2011 1:32 pm

Awsome. you guys still playing?

cant get on the facebook right now.

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