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Post by scooterjean on Sun Sep 05, 2010 1:32 pm

if you have not heard of the wrak check it out here.

this review is based off of winning the wrak in a raffle.

the wrak is an awesome product for that 1000$ gun you just bought. i won mine in a raffle and fell in love with it. it makes the small things so much easier, filling pods is a breeze when everyone else is struggling to keep there marker tucked in there legs trying to dump the bag of paint with one hand just to spill them everywhere now i just laugh. the wrak keeps the gun secure in an upright position that is super easy to fill pods with, change batts, change hoppers, cleaning. Im not sure how i would have felt if i have spent 70+ shipping but this really is a good product for people who have higher end guns. materials used are very durable and its easy to set up with one hand. now i just need to plaster a bunch of stickers on it!

overall 8 out of 10, this product is for people who already spent a boatload on there gun who want to keep it safe and simple.

the nepl uses the wrak systems for teams on deck.
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